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air terjun madakaripura
AirTerjun Madakaripura merupakan salah satu unggulan Wisata Air Terjun yang ada di Probolinggo tepatnya di Kecamatan Lumbang. Air terjun Madakaripura ini mempunyi lebih dari tiga tirai air yang berketinggian 200 meter, Air Terjun Madakaripura jatuh dari tebing tinggi yang membentuk cerok lingkaran berdiamater sekitar 25 meter sehingga jatuhnya butiran tirai air kecil seolah-olah seperti hujan, oleh karena itu wisatawan yang berkunjung ke Air Terjun ini harus menyediakan payung atau jas hujan agar tidak terkena percikan air dari atas tebing. Namun, apabila anda tidak membawa alat pelindung air, disekitar area Air Terjun Madakaripura telah menyediakan jasa penyewaan payung atau jas hujan untuk sekedar pelindung barang bawaan anda.
gajah mada, madakaripura 
Air Terjun Madakaripura ini berbau mistis dan merupakan tempat ritual bagi umat Hindu. Air Terjun ini memiliki Cerita Rakyat atau Legenda Asal Usul Air Terjun Madakaripura. Dahulu kala ada seorang Patih Gajah Mada kerajaan Majapahit yang di pipmin oleh Hayam Wuruk. Patih Gajah Mada adalah Patih yang berhasil mempersatukan Nusantara dengan sumpahnya yaitu Sumpah Palapa, lalu berhijrah ke Air Terjun Madakaripura untuk bertapa atau bersemedi guna menikmati masa tuanya dan menghindari dari kehidupan duniawi. Madakaripura berasal dari nama (Mada Kari Pura) " Tempat Tinggal Terakhir" dan merupakan suatu wisayah yang bebas bajak, wilayah tersebut hanya dimiliki oleh Mahapatih Gajah Mada. Sampai saat ini jika berkunjung ke Air Terjun Madakaripura akan menjumpai patung Gajah Mada yang gagah, patung ini letaknya di area parkir.
Berkunjung ke Air Terjun Madakaripura merupakan pelengkap wisata bagi wisatawan yang sedang berlibur ke Gunung Bromo,di karnakan Wisata Air Terjun Madakaripura merupakan bagian dari Taman National Bromo Tengger semeru. Untuk manuju ke titik pusat Air Terjun Madakaripura setelah wisatawan tiba di lokasi parkir Air Terjun wisatawan di haruskan berjalan kaki yang melintasi perairan sungai dengan jarak tempuh sekitar 25 menit, selama prjalanan anda akanmenikmati nuansa alam yang sangat indah nan sejuk dengan oleh tebing tinggi yang diselimuti dedaunan dan lumut yang hijau.
Wisata Air Terjun Madakaripura ini merupakan kombinasi dari Wisata Bromo.Untuk itu, bagi anda yang ingin berkunjung ke Air Terjun Madakaripura ini diharapkan memilih Paket Wisata kami disini atau hubungi contact person Travel Official kami.

One way Bushnell Tour

One way Bushnell Tour V2 / Paket Wisata Bromo Rangefinders will improve your golf game a lot more than even various other laser rangefinders would is via power they have to pinpoint targets.  Bushnell rangefinders are equipped with something called pinseeker technology, which helps you to better zero in on your target amidst a crowded background.  This is definitely a important feature because without it, you might not determine the space your rangefinder has measured is the space on the flag you are aiming at or even a tree behind it. 

 The small journeys Nepal are normally famous for your tourist for your world's highest peak on the globe, the Mount Everest. The world's highest peak and various other unnamed and unexplored peaks will be the centre of attraction to the adventure loving tourist. Moreover, to produce your holiday adventurous, amazing and thrilled the Paket Wisata Bromo experience tours Nepal were built with a range of adventurous tours for his or her tourist. For instance, the experience travel Nepal has rafting, trekking, jungle safari as well as other various adventures that get to be the main reason for the tourist attraction.

  As more and more Indians are exploring their  country, along with countries abroad, another highlight is an increased use of the  Internet for purchasing holidays online. Travellers in India  are price conscious and would like the best bargain possible. While they are price  conscious, a lot of them will also be extremely hard-pressed for time. Paket Wisata Bromo On an average  they usually wind up spending a lot more than 16 hours of research to plan their Luxury holidays  india. However, if users are allowed a one-stop-shop to compare and contrast of  prices across multiple travel sites, the situation of spending a lot of  time searching for Luxury tour packages may be reduced drastically – even going to  as low as 5 minutes!

Booking your tour with these operators makes everything smooth and convenient for travelers. Once they book their tours with operators, only thing playing them is to enjoy their visit the maximum. With the help of these tour operators Paket Wisata Bromo you can enjoy a tension-free tour in India. The most important truth is these tour operators work within this field for a long time and also have a substantial experience. They offer well researched and smartly designed India  Tour packages that enable you to discover India deeply.

You'll be treated a number of interesting sights just after your air tour takes off. For example, you'll be able to head to the Grand Canyon when you board your helicopter in Las Vegas. The canyon's West Rim isn't not even close to Las Vegas,Paket Wisata Bromothat's located in southern Nevada. A helicopter flight will help you begin to see the Grand Canyon from multiple perspectives, including from high above. You simply won't obtain the same panoramic views should you drive for the canyon, park your automobile and walk with a viewing area.

Ruko Bali

Ruko Bali View Point Blok A No 6 Jln Cirendeu Raya, Paket Wisata Bromo Tangsel
He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and enemy of Rangda in the mythological traditions of Bali
Banas Pati Rajah is the fourth "brother" or spirit child that accompanies a child throughout life
Banas Pati Rajah is the spirit which animates Barong
A protector spirit, he is often represented by a lion, and traditional performances of his struggles against Rangda are popular parts of Balinese culture
It is known as the Demon Queen and Mother of All Spirit Guarders
In Bali each region of the island has its own protective spirit for its forests and lands
Each Barong for each region is modeled after a different animal
There is a boar, a tiger, a dragon (or serpent) and the traditional lion
The lion is the popular one as it comes from the Gianyar region where Ubud (the home of tourist viewed ritual) is located
Within the calonarang,Paket Wisata Bromo the dance drama in which the Barong appears, the barong responds to Rangda's use of magic to control and kill her to restore balance
In Bali each region of the island has its own protective spirit for its forests and lands
Each Barong for each region is modeled after a different animal
There is a boar, a tiger, a dragon (or serpent) and the traditional lion
The lion is the popular one as it comes from the Gianyar region where Ubud (the home of tourist viewed ritual) is located
Within the calonarang, the dance drama in which the Barong appears, the barong responds to Rangda's use of magic to control and kill her to restore balance
com merupakan Toko furniture online di Indonesia dengan Harga murah dan berkualitas
Informasi Pemesanan Furniture Indonesia Online dapat anda kunjungi web kami di nupradan
Microsoft Studios, Mojang and Marvel announced a partnership Wednesday to inject superheroes into the open-world sandbox title, Minecraft
A new skin pack featuring The Avengers will be coming soon
The Avengers Skin Pack will feature 35 characters from The Avengers according to a press release received from Microsoft
The characters include:Paket Wisata Bromo Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki, Wasp, Falcon, Vision, Maria Hill, Agent Coulson and many more
A price and release date has yet to be announced but this follows the recent release of the Fantasy Texture Pack
99 though it is unclear if the Marvel license will add any sort of premium mark up
Images of the new skin set have not been shared yet either but this article will be updated when they are released
Update: Screenshots have the Avengers Skin Pack have been added
The just released Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition is also supposed to receive texture and skin packs and received its first yesterday alongside the game's release on that console
However, it is unclear if this partnership between Microsoft, Mojang and Marvel makes the Avengers Skin Pack exclusive to the Xbox 360
All game news on Examiner can be followed at the Game On Facebook page and Twitter feed
Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport directly transfer to your hotel
free at your own leisure, In Evening dinner at Golden Palace
An interesting tour to Batubulan (Barong Dance), Shopping at Galuh, Lunch at Grand Puncak Sari Kintaman, The highlight of the tour will take you to witness the spectacular view of lake & volcano Batur at Kintamani
On the way back to the hotel, stop will also be made to the holy spring temple at Tampaksiring and Dinner at Furama Sari Cafe Jimbaran
An exciting tour to Taman Ayun Temple at Mengwi (Court Templa), Bedugul (Lake Bratan Mountain Resort), Lunch at Mentari Restauran
On the way back visit Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, and Tanah Lot (a temple on the rock surrounded by the sea)
Visit Tanjung Benoa Water sport like as banana boat, snorkeling, Flying Fish, Jet Sky ( Additional charge) Lunch at Jendela Abadi Restaurant
next to the GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) Cultural Park, the figure of the statue is Wisnu God riding on mythical bird Garuda as the symbol of mission of environmental safeguard and world savior
Continuing onto the famous Paket Wisata Bromo Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple, is an architectural marvel situated on the edge of 300 feet steep rock facing the ocean
This temple has some of the exquisite architecture in Bali and was first built on the 11th century
Breakfast at hotel, our guide will be picked you up to Kertha Gosa is a building of a kind Jurisdiction in form of Bale for the king who announces the legislation, jurisdiction, penalization etc
The building of Kertha Gosa is very unique and full of high art value, lunch will be served at local restaurant, then visiting Besakih Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali which the local people call Pura Besakih
It owns beautiful view from the top of temple area where we can see the wide nature panorama until to the ocean so that way this temple is many visited by tourists from all over the world
Besakih Temple is located in Besakih countryside, Rendang sub district, Karangasem regency, east part of the island
It is located in southwest side bevel of mount Agung, the biggest mounts in Bali
It is because pursuant to Agung Paket Wisata Bromo Mount confidence is holiest and highest mount in Bali Island
then visiting Gua Lawah or Bat Cave is one of favorite places of interest in Bali and it is located near of hilly bank so it is called reef of Middle hill
This cave is located in Pasinggahan countryside, Dawan sub district, Klungkung Regency, east part of Bali and about 1,5 hours from Denpasar Town
Meanwhile the main road from Klungkung to Amlapura is just in front of the temple
This cave is apposite to the beautiful beach with black sand along the coastal area
Breakfast at hotel, then Lovina Singaraja Tour is an exciting tour to visit place of interest in north part of Bali with beautiful panorama and local society culture
The tour will bring you to an experience to explore the region in north side of Bali Island and visit the famous tourist sites in Singaraja regency like Tamblingan Lake, Gitgit Water Fall, Lovina Beach and Hot Water Banjar
In returning to your hotel, we will stop in Blimbing countryside to see the breathtaking view of rice terrace
Lunch at Warung Bandung Rest Kuta, Shopping at Joger until time to transfer out for your next destination
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Since the beginning of human experience, plants have played a role in the evolution of our species, not only in the provision of food and medicine but in our deepest spiritual experience and the development of consciousness
Their form, beauty, enchanting scents, their healing and emotional qualities, have all provided a gateway to the Great Mystery of Nature, which our Celtic forebears called “The visible face of Spirit”
Though our lands are no longer forested as they were, we try to recreate a sense of their beauty and tranquillity in our gardens, parks, and the green spaces in our cities, giving us at least a taste of Nature with which we can sustain ourselves against the soulless backdrop of the steel and concrete jungles that are our homes today
For many people, plants are still the messengers of divinity, harmony, and beauty
They are also the source of our health and wellbeing, not just as medicines but in their ability to relax, refresh, or excite us
Some deep part of us knows that the healing power of plants is inherent in what they are as much as what they do
Flowers have a role to play, for example, in all of our most primal celebrations of life and death – birth and birthdays, comings-of-age, marriages, illnesses, funerals and deaths
They are there at the first 'I love you', and they are there for our endings too
Even after death our connection to the natural world Paket Wisata Bromo continues and our spiritual destination in many religious myths is some form of paradise which is often symbolised as the “Heavenly Garden”, or the Garden of Eden
Archaeology shows that plant spirit shamanism has been part of our healing experience for thousands of years, predating other practices by millennia and going back to a time when healers worked in harmony with Nature
Plant shamanism is - and always has been – a person-centred approach and incorporates, in a holistic way, practices such as herbalism, energy work, aromatherapy, and counselling to provide a unique blend of therapies that is most needed by each individual client, based on the healer's attunement to the state of balance or otherwise of that client's soul
But it is also fundamentally spirit-centred, and all traditional healers – from the Curanderos of the Amazon to the 'folk magicians' of Ireland – regard plants as sentient, aware, intelligent, alive, and as 'doctors' in their own right
Plant shamanism involves practices for meeting these spirits, such as shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, rituals using flowers and fragrances, offerings to Nature, floral baths for protection, and the use of visionary plants to find purpose, clarity, and new directions in life
All of these, to the shaman, are implied by the term 'healing'
As a young boy, I was apprenticed to a Welsh sin eater – a 'cunning man', as they were called in Wales - who used plants and flowers in his healing work
One of his methods was to bury the name of a patient, etched on a piece of bone, in a corner of his garden, next to a patch of 'sun flowers'
Each day he would say his prayers to the flowers, consulting with them on the condition of his patient, then squeeze a few petals so their aroma was released
As the scent drifted upwards, he said, a little more of his patient's illness was carried away until he or she was healed
This may seem like a strange approach Paket Wisata Bromo in our culture today, but when I grew up and went travelling I found the same essential methods used in Haiti, Peru, Africa, Greece, America, Turkey… so it is not an eccentricity or even unique to Wales
The world over, in fact, wherever shamans work with plant spirits rather than extracts and compounds as Western doctors do, it is understood that plants are alive, aware, and willing to teach their healing secrets
Plant spirit shamanism is therefore learned practically - by getting out into the fields and making contact with natural forces, not by reading about plants in some dusty library
The sin eater communicated with plants in this way and knew several magical uses for them that they had told him of
For example, the 'sun flowers' he used were actually marigolds, but he called them sun flowers because they are “Bright like the sun” and warmed the soul with protection
It is interesting, then, that we find the same belief in Andean Peru, where rosa sisa (African marigolds) are also used for protection
Here, they are often planted by the door of a house, so if someone should pass by and give the 'evil eye', the flowers will catch these negative energies and protect the soul of the house from disease
The petals turn black when this happens, but revert to their bright colour when the energy is discharged through their roots to the soil
The sin eater I knew had never visited Peru and yet the message from the plant was the same: marigolds – “sun flowers” - protect
The key thing with plant spirit shamanism is to Paket Wisata Bromo establish a connection with the plant
Once that is done, the plant spirits themselves teach you everything you need to know and reveal the many ways of using them in healing, most of which are very unlike the Western medical notion of ingesting them in a tablet or even a herbal form
In Haiti, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, and in our own Celtic past, there is a practice, for example, of taking floral baths, where flowers and herbs are added to blessed water
The sick person then bathes to wash away his ailments
These baths are not restricted to physical healing, but can be used to draw good fortune and change your luck (which is regarded as a real and tangible force), by making you more 'open' to the receipt of money, love, or spiritual power
Other ways of working with plants include the making of pakets, 'power pouches' containing herbs that remove negative energies, while returning life force to the patient as the pouch is brushed over his body
The paket has similarities to the Amazonian chacapa, a bundle of dried leaves which has medicine powers to rebalance the patient's energy field, and is rubbed over the body in the same way
The seguro of the Andes, a bottle which contains a mixture of plants and herbs in Holy water and perfume, uses the same principles of spiritual connection with the plants
Here the shapes, colours, or qualities of the plants invoke various powers that the client wishes to draw in to his life
Round, golden, seeds attract money, for example, Paket Wisata Bromo while cactus spines embody protection
The seguro, according to Andean shamans, becomes a “Friend”, you can consult with
Every time you speak out your problems to this friend, they are removed, while the powers of the plants draw good energies in
One rule that comes up consistently in this work is that we must treat our plant allies with respect
In Haiti, healers literally pay the plants for their work by dropping coins at the base of the tree they're collecting leaves from
They are then 'fed' and there is a fair exchange: we charge the plants with energy so they have the power to help us
Research shows that they have feelings, intelligence, language – even the ability to count and make music
- and they can sense our intentions and respond to our actions
If we treat them with love, they flourish and grow; if not, then their spirits die and we don't have the healers we need
One of the biggest challenges for the Western mind in learning how to work with plant spirits is our cultural fascination with science and measurement
This socialisation into 'scientific thinking' is hard to overcome because, as part of it, we have been taught to stifle our dreaming and imaginative selves
Luckily, however, there are also plants which have a spiritual intention to re-establish our connection with the spirit-universe and open us up to the true nature of reality
In the Amazon it is known as “The night watchman's plant” because of its ability to bring lucid dreams and dissolve the boundaries between wakefulness and sleep
Thus, the night watchman can take guayusa and nap, while remaining alert to the sounds and sights around him as he watches over the tribe
The shamans say that in every country we have plants to cater for our own needs; thus, in Europe, it may be difficult to find guayusa, but a tea made of vervain, valerian, and chamomile will achieve similar affects
Another way of getting 'out of our minds' is through a special state of trance consciousness known as shamanic journeying
To take any shamanic journey, find a time and a Paket Wisata Bromo place where you can be alone and undisturbed for 20 minutes or so, then dim the lights or cover your eyes, lie down and make yourself comfortable
Most journeys are taken to the sound of drumming, which encourages 'dreaming' patterns to emerge in the brain, taking the shaman deeper into a more holistic experience of the world in its fullness
You can drum for yourself, have a friend drum for you, or use a drumming tape to guide your journey
Expressing your intention and keeping this in focus is again important
Intention is the energy that guides the journey and enables you to engage with the mind of the universe so it can work with you
You can try this yourself by setting your intention to meet with a plant ally – the consciousness of a plant that will guide you into the world of the collective plant mind
As soon as the drumming begins, imagine yourself entering a place which connects you to the Earth in a way that is meaningful to you, then allow your imagination to take you where it will
When your plant ally appears to you, spend some time in conversation with him or her (in the imaginative world, most plants take human form)
Enquire about its healing gifts and the way these properties manifest in the plants themselves
Ask how you can work with this ally and the plants that embody him or her
Visit your ally often in this way and you will learn more about the world of the
plants, the nature of reality and, indeed, about yourself, as part of this vast and
What is it about Ubud that one should visit this beautiful village
Because Ubud has much to offer; from its stunning panorama of Ayung River valley and the terraces rice filed, its most talented artist, its typical traditional market and myriad of shops that line the road is a heaven for shopping, its undying culture, its serene environs and plentiful of nice small hotels and restaurants and many more
Ubud has no great beaches to speak of, no mountain lakes, and no grand hotels
Yet it has the richness of soil and it is the center of Bali's art and culture
If you don't stay in Ubud, or you don't have much time during your Bali Holiday, a visit is worth because it would offer you a memorable stay in Bali
Driving out of bustling Denpasar, the tranquil green of rice paddies contrast sharply with the boisterous sounds of the city
Palm-leaf carvings of Dewi Sri (the Rice Goddess) guards over the crops, and small thatch huts dot the rice fields, giving shade to those who work them
Temples and small shrines can be seen along the way, Paket Wisata Bromo women lay out offerings of flowers, rice, incense and holy water to placate evils spirits and please the good one
Even with the great influx of tourism, village life basically goes on the same
Almost every village on the way up to Ubud specializes in some kind of art form
You can stop off and see the artisans at work in their studios
Morning walk through the villages lead to out-of-the-way retreats
The route to Tegalalang offer beautiful views of terraces rice field and myriad of art studios, Mas, Penestanan and Peliatan, the centers of wood carving and painting, Sayan offer a stunning panorama of Ayung River valley and still home to spectacular view of gorges and palms and rice fields
Campuhan, the place where three rivers meet - a sacred site
There is a very beautiful temple called Pura Gunung Lebah is worth a visit
To the north is Petulu village is known for many things but the most spectacular is the kokokan or white herons
Every morning at dawn and the afternoon around three or four o'clock, you can see them circling the trees in droves
To the south a short walk you will arrive at Monkey Forest
There are hundreds of tame monkeys and a temple stands in the middle of the forest
In the center of town the interesting places to see are the Puri (the court of palace of former kings), here every Sunday morning at 10 o'clock dozen of young girls study traditional Balinese dance
Ubud main market just opposite the Puri offer varieties of merchandises; Produce, dry goods, linens, T-shirts, paintings, wood carvings, even traveling medicine men appear here
Closed to market you can visit Puri Lukisan Paket Wisata Bromo (Museum of Paintings)
Established in 1954, it is dedicated to showing the works of local painters
It is the excellent place to get an overview of the stylistic differences between artists
Ubud is a picturesque township and visitors have been attracted by its charm and beauty for decades
If shopping is your interest, Ubud has a myriad of shops which line the road to Monkey Forest and the Museum Puri Lukisan
If art is your interest, in Ubud, Mas and Peliatan, one can study dance, music, painting or a number of other art forms
The best way to meet a teacher is to find a style that appeal to you (by going to galleries and watching performances) and than approach the artist directly about lessons
While you are in Ubud and need more complete information, you can visit Bina Wisata a local Tourism Bureau
There is a massage board, small book store and a printing press on the premises
It offers free luxury shuttle service to the center of town and to the Rudana Museum and Arts Gallery; it is one of the best galleries in Ubud
I know the manager very well, so I sand many guests to this resort
Waka di Ume, Komaneka, Santi Mandala Resort and Maya Ubud are also very nice place to stay
For more affordable accommodation you can choose Ubud Sari; small, charming and rustic ambience
It has a complete Spa and Beauty Salon service, Yoga, Chiropractic, Healing Week in Bali Program
So Ubud has many attractive objects can be seen for your Bali Vacation
And do not hesitate to choose beautiful Bali for your holiday
Bali is a small, beautiful island in Indonesia, the ultimate tourist destination in Asia
The quickest and easiest way to find Bali hotels at your destination is to go online and visit a hotel reservation website
Do a search for Bali you are traveling to and you will be presented with a list of available hotels in Bali, Choose your preferred Bali Hotels
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Kami adalah penyedia jasa & material proteksi petir, siap membantu anda untuk melindungi asset dari sambaran petir silahkan kunjungi website kami di
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Natural Health Remedies That Work You've been feeling a little funny lately
Living in denial is certainly an option but it is likely that once you start to notice the symptoms it is probable that you're already very sick
Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet handle, look around your house-you probably have all sorts of natural health remedies in your possession already
Using natural health methods to cure an illness is a fantastic alternative to trying to cure your flu with chemicals and drugs
Obviously you do not want to ignore any orders from a doctor, but before you see the doctor, why not give natural health a try
Whether or not you want to believe it, natural health remedies are the best option for people who want to keep themselves from getting sick at all
Taking preventative measures like regular exercise, a healthy diet and keeping your hands clean will go a long way toward keeping you healthy
These are all things that will keep you and your immune system strong and healthy
Those old sports clichs about offense and defense are applicable elsewhere
Garlic is well known for its detoxifying properties
Taking up to 1500 mgs of garlic a day (500 mgs three times a day) is one of the best ways to ensure that the garlic can really get into your system to work its magic
A 500mg supplement gives you about the same amount of garlic as one clove
The easiest way to get the garlic you need to get better is to either take a supplement or to cook a clove of garlic into your food three times a day
Thankfully adding garlic to your meals is easy and garlic is incredibly inexpensive-keeping garlic cloves on hand is easy
Don't spend more than five days taking in so much garlic
Your doctor should be called if you spend more Paket Wisata Bromo than five days feeling very sick
Infusing your diet with ginseng is easy because there are lots of foods that contain it and, if you want an added boost, there are ginseng supplements in the herbal section of your grocery store
You should not wait until you are sick to fill your home with ginseng; filling your home ahead of time means that you will be prepared and might even be able to fight off the infection entirely
Drink some ginseng tea if you feel like you are starting to get a cold
In addition to the aid for your immune system, the hot tea can soothe a tired and scratchy throat and even soothe your sinuses
It's easy to find natural health cures to common colds and other illnesses
Instead of dropping a bunch of money on over the counter drugs, check out the remedies you already have on hand
Natural cures for sickness will often have better results and more quickly than over the counter medication
Have an 'Exclusive Private Soulful Session' with Leon Timbo for one night only
You'll have the opportunity to meet & greet Jacksonville's very own 'Leon Timbo' in a private setting where you can hear his new songs from his upcoming album
You'll have the chance to ask him questions like, 'How does he keep his standards for Christ, while being in a secular music industry'
or 'What motivates him to write the music that he writes'
Leon Timbo and Special Guest, Lisa Mc - Clendon will be in another building
There will be an 'After Party' sponsored by PURE RADIO, from 12:00 a
You really don't want to miss either event on Friday, April 12, 2013
PURE RADIO 'After Party'Location: Trio's9726 Touchton Rd
, Building 305                   Jacksonville, Florida 32246Time: 12:00 midnight until 2:00 a
Your ticket purchase from 'Soulful Sessions with Leon Timbo' will get you into this event
If you can't make the first venue, PURE RADIO has tickets for Trio's for $20
00 at the door and VIP (sit at the table with Leon Timbo and guests) for only $35
and PURE RADIO, to enjoy a great evening with like-minded folks while having the time of your life
: 'Soulful Sessions with Leon Timbo'Date: Friday, April 12, 2013Time: 9:00 p
Tickets include: dinner, private Q & A session with Leon Timbo and a signed personal picture taken with Leon (also see addendum above)
Cut-off date for ticket sales will be April 10, 2013
Natural Health Options Can Keep You From Getting Sick You've started noticing a slightly running a nose and that your throat is a little sore
You're probably trying to tell yourself that you aren't really sick but you probably know, deep down, that the flu has already set in
Before you go sprinting to the medicine cabinet, why not take a look around your kitchen and see what kind of natural health items you have on hand
Using natural health methods to cure an illness is a fantastic alternative to trying to cure your flu with chemicals and drugs
While you don't want to blow off instructions from a doctor, why not try out natural health methods for a few days before you schedule your doctor's appointment
One of the best ways to improve your health is to eat onions
Combining onions with honey to make syrup is one popular method of curing a cold
Here is how you make it: can an onion up into slices or chunks and then combine those slices with a bunch of honey and let the mixture sit for a while
It is important that this syrup has time to settle so, after combining the ingredients, it needs to sit, untouched, at least overnight
Eat one spoon full of the syrup once every three hours or so for a few days and your cold or flu should get better
Onions go well with most food, why not add some to each of your meals
Do you know that there is a proper and an improper way to clear your sinuses
If your sinus issues don't seem to be going away it is possible that it is because you are blowing your nose incorrectly
To blow your nose correctly, close one nostril while Paket Wisata Bromo you blow gently through the other nostril and then switch side
If you don't blow your nose carefully you could cause yourself further distress
Many people find blowing their noses to be uncomfortable but it is important that, if you are one of those people, you learn to get over it
If you only sniffle and don't blow your nose, you could make your illness worse
Washing your hands after you blow your nose is a must
Eating sugar is bad for your immune system and it makes you more susceptible for illnesses
Lots of people say that, after they stop eating sugar, they start to feel a lot better
Sugary drinks might taste better when you are sick, it is better to steer clear of them and drink water instead (or tea)
Eating a lot of sugar will undo all of the good that your other healthier habits might be doing for you
Beefing up your immune system regularly is the best natural health remedy because it will help keep you from getting sick in the first place
More importantly, knowing how to correctly treat the symptoms you do have can go a long way to helping you combat illness and to keep yourself from accidentally making yourself sicker
Your body will thank you for using natural methods to treat illness instead of simply throwing chemicals at whatever ailment comes your way
Tour Bali Murah tentunya menjadi pilihan wisatawan dalam negeri maupun luar negeri
com memberikan layanan Paket Wisata Bali murah kepada wisatawan domestik maupun mancanegara
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Salah satu Paket Wisata Bali yang diberikan Berwisata - Kebali
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5; Uluwatu mata hari terbenam sambil menonton tarian kecak
5:Kintamanimakan siang sambil menikmati indahnya Paket Wisata Bromo gunung dan danau Batur
3: Candi kuning pasar buah dan bunga terbesar di bali
4: Makan siang di restoran mentari di pinggir danau baratan
6: Tanah lot  pura di tengah laut sambil menikmati matahari terbenam
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I have been a big fan of Universe Mode in the WWE game series since the very first year it was featured
Universe Mode added a new level of customization this year, but in an odd design decision, THQ made it so that using that customization disables the very things that separate Universe Mode from Exhibition Mode
It doesn't make much sense and they have done a poor job of explaining exactly how it all works
If you go on any WWE 13 fan message board, you will witness numerous posts from fans expressing confusion over Universe Mode
The vast majority of those posts are asking why they don't see cut scenes and story lines (the things that make Universe Mode different than just playing Exhibition Mode)
The reason for the confusion is that one of the main talking points for the WWE 13 marketing campaign was about being able to customize Universe Mode
Players can edit the schedule in WWE Universe any way they want and even add entirely new shows into the WWE Universe
Another new level of customization that was added at the fan's request was the ability to edit an entire match card in advance and then play that entire card
In the past, players had to exit out of the show after each individual match to change the next match
The problem is that using these new customization features can cause adverse effects inside of Universe Mode
Creating a new show and using both a custom arena and a custom logo for that show will cause the game to freeze
THQ is aware of this issue and I fully expect it will be patched, but as this article is being written it is an issue
The more problematic issue is that if you edit a match on the card in any way, any cut scenes, story lines or feuds often will be canceled
Though you could not edit the entire card at once, you could change individual matches and still continue on with feuds and story lines
If you want to truly experience everything that Universe Mode has to offer, you have to essentially let Universe Mode run itself
If you want to truly customize Universe Mode, you are not going to see many of the bells and whistles that set Universe Mode apart
One other odd design choice is that while you can edit an entire match card and save it, if you go out of universe and back into it the match experience setting and attires will be reset to default
I have had some success at customizing Universe Mode to my liking and getting a lot of the cut scenes, feuds and story lines that make Universe Mode fun
The first thing to know about WWE 13 Universe Mode is that you are never going to get it to follow WWE programming
You have to forget about what is going on in the real WWE
Universe Mode is completely separate and things in your Universe are going to be completely different than the real WWE Universe
If you want to make them match, you will be much better off just doing so in Exhibition Mode
If you can come to terms with the fact that Universe Mode is going to be a unique experience with its own story lines, champions and feuds; then you will want to get to work setting up your Universe Mode
The key to Universe Mode this year is to set it up in the beginning the way you want it to run
It may seem tedious, but you will not want to cut any corners in setting up Universe
This will determine what direction Universe will go in
The very first thing you will want to do is organize your rosters
You need to have a basic idea of what shows you are going to run so that you can organize the roster and separate them into separate rosters based on shows
The most important step in setting up your roster is the rivalries and allies
What I did was delete every single rivalry and ally for every single superstar Paket Wisata Bromo and created superstar in the game
From there, I set up both rivalries and allies for each superstar the way I wanted universe to work in my mind
For instance, I really enjoyed the feud between Chris Jericho and C
Punk earlier in the year over who was 'The Best in the World'
I made those two guys the most intense rivals of each other
I also wanted Daniel Bryan (who also has laid claim to being 'The Best In The World') to be involved as well as a created superstar version of Austin Aries I downloaded off the community creations server in the game
The next thing I did was set up my schedule in Universe
I pretty much kept the WWE shows the same and added a new Ring of Honor show featuring a Ring of Honor Wrestling roster as well as other independent wrestlers from Chikara, PWG and other companies on Wednesdays
Once you decide that and set up your schedule, you will need to set up your championships
After you set up championships, you will need to set up your rankings
This is the second most important step behind rivalries and allies
In order to get Universe Mode to bring my four way 'Best in the World' feud to fruition, I made Jericho, Bryan and Aries the top three contenders for Punk's championship
You will want to try to have a good mix of faces and heels in your rankings
The reason for this is that Universe Mode will use positions in the rankings to book feuds
Try putting people you want to feud with each other next to each other in rankings
Once you get your Universe mode set up, it is time to play some matches
Universe will never book feuds if you don't play or at least watch the matches
It is important to play or watch matches that involve superstars you want to feud
It is also important to play or watch matches that do not give you an option to interfere
These are matches that Universe has a story line for
You are almost guaranteed to get some form of cut scene in these matches
The other thing that you must remember in these matches is DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING
That means don't change attires, add managers, change participants or change match stipulations
If you do, you run the risk of cancelling any interesting cut scenes or story lines
Again, I have no idea why THQ and Yukes decided to do this
You can use the minor shows to help encourage Universe to book a particular feud you want
On a minor show, find a match which gives you the option to interfere
More than likely, there isn't a story line or cut scene associated with this match
You can change it to include someone you want in a feud
Then, use the interfere option and have the other person you want in the feud to interfere
This will often start a rivalry, though it is not definite
If you want a tag team to stay together in Universe Mode, don't trust turning off the option to split teams up
People have reported Universe Mode splitting up their teams even without this option enabled
I have found success with the old method of including a third person in the stable from the 'Inactive' brand
I put all the Divas in that brand and then include one of them in Paket Wisata Bromo the stable of the team I want to keep together
The last thing you should know is that you need to keep checking your rivalries and allies
Delete any you don't like and add ones that you want to see Universe Mode do something with
The rivalry and ally screen should be your best friend
It is something you should check often and change whenever you don't like the direction something is going
If you have done all this, chances are Universe Mode will do a pretty good job of making it interesting enough to keep you engaged
In my universe, I had an epic feud between the four guys I mentioned above
They all seemed to hate each other and the rivalry went on for months between all four of them
I consistently get 3-4 cut scenes per main show and sometimes I get more
Let me know how this works for you on twitter @cavemangamer or in the comments below
Thanks to his good friend Sir Elton John, gone are the broken down old green tour bus and second-hand keyboard that Leon had previously used, replaced with a shiny new, ENORMOUS tour bus and state of the art musical equipment that Leon proudly displayed to his adoring fans, who cheered on their musical hero throughout the concert that consisted of a pleasing mix of classic Russell-penned songs ("A Song For You", "Baby Blue", etc
) and select Country classics ("Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms")
Leon's band, lead by guitarist Chris Simmons, was tight and right on cue with Leon's keyboard playing, and Leon's voice was strong and clear; his phrasing as impeccable as it was during his heyday in the 1970s
His new keyboard, unlike his previous old one, sounded crisp and bright
His banter with the audience was relaxed and natural, and Leon clearly seemed to be having fun that night
Between songs, he regaled the audience with his stories of the Los Angeles music scene he encountered upon arriving there in the 1960s, and his memoirs of meeting and playing with Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan and other musical icons
Said Leon: "When I arrived in Los Angeles, I saw all these musicians wearing these suits like nothin' I had ever seen before:big, white, pseudo-Cowboy things, covered top to bottom with stitched designs of cactus, musical notes, coyotes and you name it
I asked one of the studio guys:'Where in the hell do you buy those
' and he told me about a guy named Nudi who custom-made them for the Rock and Country musicians
One day I met a guy who wore what was the most outrageous Nudi suit of all:Gram Parsons
His suit was just covered in all kinds of stuff, and he was amazing
Now at that time I was kinda into those things; I liked to wear them onstage
So I said thanks and took it and wore it that night when I performed
Unfortunately, later when I took it off and sat it down it got sat upon by someone and was squashed
I picked it up and tried to straighten it out, and that's when I looked inside it and found a tiny label that read:'Property of MGM:Mr
Leon cited Bob Dylan as a major influence on his songwriting, claiming that Dylan taught him how to write song lyrics in a matter of minutes
Said Leon:"I had been told that Dylan could write a song anytime, anywhere and in a matter of minutes
I thought that just might be a good thing to know how to do
At the time he was in Nashville, and his album Nashville Skyline was just completed
I composed some music, then told Bob:'Okay, let me see you write songs for THOSE
' He casually walked around the studio and in no time at all he had written 'When I Paint My Masterpiece' and 'Watching The River Flow'
Leon, ever the "Common Man" that his fans adore him for, took the time that morning to stroll down Visalia's Main Street by himself-no entourage in sight-in search of his favorite snack:egg salad sandwiches
He found it at the Visalia Coffee Shop, where he "talked shop" with Paket Wisata Bromo the house band Zizah
and had a relaxed, spontaneous "meet and greet" with fans there
Leon sat relaxed, not a body guard in sight, as he ate his sandwich, chatted with fans and gave pointers to Dr
Later that night, after the show, Leon again met with fans at his tour bus, chatting and signing seemingly endless autographs for the crowd that had gathered on the street where his tour bus sat directly across from the Fox Theatre
3-hour parking restrictions downtown are in effect Monday-Friday,Paket Wisata Bromo  8:00am-5:00pm
Center Street, as well as some surrounding parking lots, are All-Day
- The Fox offers typical concession food items, such as candy, popcorn, soda, coffee, and bottled water
There are a variety of good restaurants within walking distance: Cafe 225, Main St
You must have a valid, photo ID to retrieve any will-call orders
- Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the theatre
All prohibited items such as cameras, camcorders, and alcohol will be confiscated
- During the event, you must remain, either sitting in or standing in front of, your seat
- Any lost items will be held in our office and is available to pick-up during our office hours, M-F, 10:00am-4:00pm